inspiration workshop: bathrooms

Our guest/hallway bathroom is going to be the next room of our home that I feature.  I’ll show our master bathroom at some point, however, it’s the only room in the house that we have done nothing with. Not. A. Thing. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, but we shouldn’t have to because its teeny. All of today’s inspirations are much bigger than our bath but I’m really inspired by the colors (or lack of), finishes and textures.

I especially love the second one’s geometric wall paper and addition of wood finishes. The last one would be ADORABLE for a little Jack and Jill bathroom that a boy and girl shared. So fun but classic. I’m linking up with Gussy today for a little bathroom inspiration sharing.  Head on over and Enjoy!


just gorgeous

Oh my word. You all–look what I found on Etsy.
Are those not the most gorgeous paintings you’ve ever seen? They are so vibrant and feminine and whimsical. I want giant white wall to collage all of her beautiful stuff on. Wow. I’m in Love!

Check out this gorgeous stuff from Canadian Artist, Janet Hill at her shop.

A Peek into Our Entry

Where did the weekend go?!

Justin made it through his exam and we’ve had so much fun since it’s been over, not doing anything special but we’ve just been able to hang out. We had family over on Sunday and were able to spend the entire day together. That hasn’t happened in a really long time without us worrying about when Justin could get back to the books. We’re so relieved it’s over and appreciated those who prayed!

And now, for all of you who have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of “our home”, here is our entry way! (And that was a joke, I know no one has really been waiting).

Curtains/rod are from Target; Table from IKEA; Rug (needs to be replaced), brown pillow from Home Goods; Covered Parsons chair from Peddlers Mall ($25) rivals these pretty closely for quite a bit more money; vintage wooden Atlas drink crate from Tennessee antique place; Fox Hunting print from a campground garage sale; big lantern from Marshalls; small lantern from Restore; Table Lamp from Hobby Lobby; Leaf dish, Martha Stewart from Macy’s.

We keep Gracie’s leashes and towels in this crate.

This hanging light was a drum shade I bought at Goodwill and covered with fabric I already had.  Whole thing including wiring and ceiling pendant was probably done for under $15. Just asked Justin if he felt that was accurate price.  He said no. With all the work he put into hanging it it was about $150.  Touché.

This is what you see when coming in from the front door.  The door to the left is to our garage.

Mirror from Target in my college days; Welcome print done by me;  Silhouette frame is vintage from my grandmother.  I’m pretty sure it has the date in the 1920’s somewhere on it. It says “Afternoon Tea”.

The wall opposite this is totally blank.  I have ideas for it but can’t commit to any thing.  Would like to paint this area too.

There you have it!  Can’t figure out what to feature next but I’ll come up with something. Do you have pictures of your home on the internet?  Comment with links so we can peek inside! : )

A House Person {and finally a peek into our home}

I can’t help it that I’m a house person.

I LOVE seeing inside of other people’s homes. As a young child I hated going to open houses with my grandmother.  We would go on Sundays, the typical open house day, and I’ll never know if they were actually looking to buy or just looking to look. (I’d likely guess they were looking to look because she has the same thing for houses as me) I got a little older and actually started liking it.  Mom  and I would go to those Grand Tour of Homes here in Lexington and I would just imaging living in a house like that, how I would have decorated it differently, or who actually did live there.  Now with internet and TV I can literally get a glimpse into people’s homes at any second of any day.  I know I’m sounding totally peeping Tom but it’s so not like that.  I think the space people live in says sooo much about them and I think that’s so interesting. Not to mention that my heart races when I see beautiful, unique designs and feel incredibly inspired.

With all that being said, I thought it would only be fair to begin to share some of our home. It’s a continual work in progress but I cant help it that I’m a house person.   : )

{The light was best in the guest room today and I got the best pictures in there so it looks like that’s where we’ll start. Weird, I know}

That stripey ruffle pillow is a Restored to Life original. Go fig.

Table is antique from my grandmother. So primitive but classy, I love it. Picnic basket was $4 at Goodwill and quilt was made by someone in Justin’s family way back.

That dresser was also antique from my grandmother. It’s one of my favorite {maybe my favorite} pieces in our house.  Chair from IKEA, pillow needs embellishing and leather traveling train case below was my great grandmothers and has her initials branded in gold on the front. LMS. Frame on the wall has a bird print in it and it’s mate is on the other side of the window. {also antique}

Check out the detail on that dresser mirror. I am instantaneously drawn to anything with that pearl strandy look. Our wedding invitations even had that raised design on them.

Blue coral found in frame in Marshall’s.  Lamp is from Home Goods and although I’m not a huge fan, I loove when it makes its appearances on  House. They always have its look alike in the hospital rooms {don’t know what that says about the lamp}. And the tray.  The tray used to be wooden and it said something about Home Sweet Home and had a gingerbread man on it.  I snatched it right up for less than a dollar then Mod Podged it with some book pages.

For anyone that recognizes, that is Tori Spelling’s “Uncharted TerriTORI”.  She is so much fun, I wish she would come to know Christ so we could hang out in Heaven.

If you’re bored to tears, 200 points for sticking it out that long.

Wonderful Wednesday: John Derian

Before we jump in I want to confess to my mega blog mistake.  I spent time this weekend playing around with coding my blog to change my look up a bit.  What I did was make all text input WHITE, from comments and e-mail subscriptions!! Oh my goodness.  If anyone tried to comment I’m so sorry for the phantom typing that may have occurred.  Thanks to my husband for alerting me of the prob last night so I could get things straightened out! Sorry again! Now to regularly scheduled programming…

John Derian Company may have been around since 1989 but his whimsical, decoupage designs have finally come across my radar. The beauty of his prints, home office supplies and serve ware made my heart skip a beat at my discovery in Target last week. The style may sooo not be for some people but I was instantly drawn in.  So drawn in that I opened up my wallet and splurged on some new storage for my office closet at home {yeah, it’s finally finished!  I’ll share the deets with you all tomorrow.} But for now you can rest your eyes on this.

Interior Inspiration: Not Inspired

I’m sure I’m not the only one who when flipping through the latest Pottery Barn had to recheck the cover to make sure they were actually looking at Pottery Barn. Check out these freakishly {no pun intended} weird PB fall accessories.

Detail of the hurricane:

Skulls. Ok PB. Gross.

Corn husk rodents? No thank you. Don’t think I’ve found any inspiration or DIY ideas from this Pottery Barn fail. Maybe next year…

Molly Erdman from of course had something to say about it as well….

No bones about it…

To be fair Elaine, I specifically asked not to be in charge of decor for the wake.