molly mutt

Have you heard of Molly Mutt??

{Isn’t that logo seriously adorable?!} Want me to ask you another question? Anyways, We ran across Molly Mutt at Bluegrass Barkery and I was so intrigued. They sell a few other things but their specialty is dog bed duvets.

I know. Really, a dog duvet? I know it sounds snooty but listen to {read, watch?} how cool this is. It’s not just your average dog bed filled with that seriously synthetic fill.

What you do is get the “stuff sack” and fill it with whatever soft, ratty stuff you have around the house. 

Old pillows? Stuff them in. Worn out towels? Stuff them in. Soft, worn out clothing? Add it in too. Seriously anything goes! After you fill up the stuff sack you throw on the doggy duvet and you’re done!

Apparently these things are super durable and hold up great in the washer and dryer!  We’ve only ever gotten one dog bed for Gracie and the cover shredded in the wash the very first go around. Washing is an absolute must. And what I love about this is, if things inside need some extra cleaning, you can empty the sack into the wash since most of it {or all} are things that have already been washed in their previous life.

I didn’t intend to get two, but when I got on the Molly Mutt website they had this little “diy kit” and I couldn’t resist it.

One of the duvets is $35, not including the stuff sack.  With the kit, you get your stuff sack and two duvets {of your choice} for $72! Not bad in my book for two quality covers that can handle washing and drying. We got these…

The stuffing part should be a breeze because I just cleaned out my closet this weekend! I have tons of workout tees I don’t wear, lonesome socks and knit clothing too worn to donate. What goes in your Molly Mutt stuff sack, stays out of a landfill!

I can’t wait for these cute things to come in and to try them out. Well, I won’t be trying them out but you know what I mean.

I think somebody will approve…

**FYI: We would have gotten them from Bluegrass Barkery but the selection of patterns wasn’t as full. We all know patterns are important.


remember when I did a home tour…

Yeah, I’m not very consistent.  Of well after a few weeks, I’m back! Here is our hall bath.  This is the one all guests use and we use most of the time.

This is a shot looking in from our hallway.  The old vanity used to be half that size and there was an ENORMOUS mirror that went from the corner of the bathroom all the way to the shower. Weird. The light was also one of those strips with like 8 bulbs. It was rusty and gross so we replaced it too.

I bought the mirror a couple of years ago from a local store. It’s vintage and was a gold-y green horrible color. It was a splurge at $75 but I knew it was worth it. (If you’ve ever shopped for mirrors, you know they are very pricey). It’s a really nice heavy mirror and similar ones go for around $600!!!

Cheetah lamp is from Goodwill and the topiary is a splurge from Ballard. It’s preserved and so pretty, and since topiaries are classic (if I can keep it fresh) I plan to have it for a loong time.

Candle is “Autumn” something from Bath and Body Works {Yeah, random} but I loove the smell of it. Hopefully they bring it back this year. I’ll be stocking up.

We got the vanity and top and a place in Justin’s hometown. (Originally the vanity was oak and about half that size.) It was completely unfinished wood so we had free reign with paint color.  This paint looks weird in this pictured but in real life its a moody olive-y green color. Faucet was from Lowes.  Justin installed everything, he rocks. : )

Botanical print is from Home Goods and the basket with stuff are things I already had. I got this print way back but I’m still deciding on it.  I feel like it needs to be in more of a “gallery” than just by itself. It looks lonely.

Shower curtain is clearance from Macy’s. I put up a white one at one point. Eww. I liked this one much better.

This bathroom and I go way back. Not really, just back to December. We finished it right before Christmas and the morning after it was finished I got sick. Like head spinning, chills, toilet hugging sick. I had never loved a freezing tile floor like that in my life. This bathroom was good to me. Anyways..

Photographing a small bathroom is hard, and strange. Okay maybe photographing anything in your home is strange, but here’s Gracie taking in the whole weirdo thing.

inspiration workshop: bathrooms

Our guest/hallway bathroom is going to be the next room of our home that I feature.  I’ll show our master bathroom at some point, however, it’s the only room in the house that we have done nothing with. Not. A. Thing. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, but we shouldn’t have to because its teeny. All of today’s inspirations are much bigger than our bath but I’m really inspired by the colors (or lack of), finishes and textures.

I especially love the second one’s geometric wall paper and addition of wood finishes. The last one would be ADORABLE for a little Jack and Jill bathroom that a boy and girl shared. So fun but classic. I’m linking up with Gussy today for a little bathroom inspiration sharing.  Head on over and Enjoy!

A Peek into Our Entry

Where did the weekend go?!

Justin made it through his exam and we’ve had so much fun since it’s been over, not doing anything special but we’ve just been able to hang out. We had family over on Sunday and were able to spend the entire day together. That hasn’t happened in a really long time without us worrying about when Justin could get back to the books. We’re so relieved it’s over and appreciated those who prayed!

And now, for all of you who have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of “our home”, here is our entry way! (And that was a joke, I know no one has really been waiting).

Curtains/rod are from Target; Table from IKEA; Rug (needs to be replaced), brown pillow from Home Goods; Covered Parsons chair from Peddlers Mall ($25) rivals these pretty closely for quite a bit more money; vintage wooden Atlas drink crate from Tennessee antique place; Fox Hunting print from a campground garage sale; big lantern from Marshalls; small lantern from Restore; Table Lamp from Hobby Lobby; Leaf dish, Martha Stewart from Macy’s.

We keep Gracie’s leashes and towels in this crate.

This hanging light was a drum shade I bought at Goodwill and covered with fabric I already had.  Whole thing including wiring and ceiling pendant was probably done for under $15. Just asked Justin if he felt that was accurate price.  He said no. With all the work he put into hanging it it was about $150.  Touché.

This is what you see when coming in from the front door.  The door to the left is to our garage.

Mirror from Target in my college days; Welcome print done by me;  Silhouette frame is vintage from my grandmother.  I’m pretty sure it has the date in the 1920’s somewhere on it. It says “Afternoon Tea”.

The wall opposite this is totally blank.  I have ideas for it but can’t commit to any thing.  Would like to paint this area too.

There you have it!  Can’t figure out what to feature next but I’ll come up with something. Do you have pictures of your home on the internet?  Comment with links so we can peek inside! : )

A House Person {and finally a peek into our home}

I can’t help it that I’m a house person.

I LOVE seeing inside of other people’s homes. As a young child I hated going to open houses with my grandmother.  We would go on Sundays, the typical open house day, and I’ll never know if they were actually looking to buy or just looking to look. (I’d likely guess they were looking to look because she has the same thing for houses as me) I got a little older and actually started liking it.  Mom  and I would go to those Grand Tour of Homes here in Lexington and I would just imaging living in a house like that, how I would have decorated it differently, or who actually did live there.  Now with internet and TV I can literally get a glimpse into people’s homes at any second of any day.  I know I’m sounding totally peeping Tom but it’s so not like that.  I think the space people live in says sooo much about them and I think that’s so interesting. Not to mention that my heart races when I see beautiful, unique designs and feel incredibly inspired.

With all that being said, I thought it would only be fair to begin to share some of our home. It’s a continual work in progress but I cant help it that I’m a house person.   : )

{The light was best in the guest room today and I got the best pictures in there so it looks like that’s where we’ll start. Weird, I know}

That stripey ruffle pillow is a Restored to Life original. Go fig.

Table is antique from my grandmother. So primitive but classy, I love it. Picnic basket was $4 at Goodwill and quilt was made by someone in Justin’s family way back.

That dresser was also antique from my grandmother. It’s one of my favorite {maybe my favorite} pieces in our house.  Chair from IKEA, pillow needs embellishing and leather traveling train case below was my great grandmothers and has her initials branded in gold on the front. LMS. Frame on the wall has a bird print in it and it’s mate is on the other side of the window. {also antique}

Check out the detail on that dresser mirror. I am instantaneously drawn to anything with that pearl strandy look. Our wedding invitations even had that raised design on them.

Blue coral found in frame in Marshall’s.  Lamp is from Home Goods and although I’m not a huge fan, I loove when it makes its appearances on  House. They always have its look alike in the hospital rooms {don’t know what that says about the lamp}. And the tray.  The tray used to be wooden and it said something about Home Sweet Home and had a gingerbread man on it.  I snatched it right up for less than a dollar then Mod Podged it with some book pages.

For anyone that recognizes, that is Tori Spelling’s “Uncharted TerriTORI”.  She is so much fun, I wish she would come to know Christ so we could hang out in Heaven.

If you’re bored to tears, 200 points for sticking it out that long.

there’s power in the flower.

Fresh flowers do something to me.

They lift my spirits making me feel like there is a little piece of sunshine in the house. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes when I cut the stems, fill the vase with water and find the perfect resting spot for them my lungs fill up with fresh oxygen. It’s like they breathe new perspective and life into me. {Shhh…don’t tell my medicine studying hubbie this, but I think there’s something healing about fresh flowers.}