{rtl} is under construction!

So, I change the look of my blog more than I post entries.

I can’t help it. I’ve been wanting to experiment with different layouts for a while now but haven’t had the guts. You see, I chose a layout when I started this thing in the early part of 2010. Since then I’ve never changed the “theme layout”. I’ve only ever customized this space with my limited CSS knowledge.

We’ll I guess you could say last night was the perfect storm. I was working on a print project and things weren’t going well. So, in between test prints and tears I was browsing the theme gallery. And then I did it. I don’t know why, I just did it. I clicked “Activate”.  What was I thinking? I knew I was doing it, I can’t say it was an accident.

So here I am, with a mish-mash of old theme and new without the block of time to get it just right. So I’ll be working little by little to get Restored to Life back to a place order. Thanks for sticking around!


One thought on “{rtl} is under construction!

  1. Hey Shannon,
    I got your name from Abby Burns about possibly designing a logo for me. I am a local photographer and I would love to also work with a local person. Could you email me your pricing info. I have a few Ideas of what I want but i am open to a lot of suggestions as well. Thanks Sara
    Sara Corman Photography

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