molly mutt

Have you heard of Molly Mutt??

{Isn’t that logo seriously adorable?!} Want me to ask you another question? Anyways, We ran across Molly Mutt at Bluegrass Barkery and I was so intrigued. They sell a few other things but their specialty is dog bed duvets.

I know. Really, a dog duvet? I know it sounds snooty but listen to {read, watch?} how cool this is. It’s not just your average dog bed filled with that seriously synthetic fill.

What you do is get the “stuff sack” and fill it with whatever soft, ratty stuff you have around the house. 

Old pillows? Stuff them in. Worn out towels? Stuff them in. Soft, worn out clothing? Add it in too. Seriously anything goes! After you fill up the stuff sack you throw on the doggy duvet and you’re done!

Apparently these things are super durable and hold up great in the washer and dryer!  We’ve only ever gotten one dog bed for Gracie and the cover shredded in the wash the very first go around. Washing is an absolute must. And what I love about this is, if things inside need some extra cleaning, you can empty the sack into the wash since most of it {or all} are things that have already been washed in their previous life.

I didn’t intend to get two, but when I got on the Molly Mutt website they had this little “diy kit” and I couldn’t resist it.

One of the duvets is $35, not including the stuff sack.  With the kit, you get your stuff sack and two duvets {of your choice} for $72! Not bad in my book for two quality covers that can handle washing and drying. We got these…

The stuffing part should be a breeze because I just cleaned out my closet this weekend! I have tons of workout tees I don’t wear, lonesome socks and knit clothing too worn to donate. What goes in your Molly Mutt stuff sack, stays out of a landfill!

I can’t wait for these cute things to come in and to try them out. Well, I won’t be trying them out but you know what I mean.

I think somebody will approve…

**FYI: We would have gotten them from Bluegrass Barkery but the selection of patterns wasn’t as full. We all know patterns are important.

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