be yourself.


I seriously love this. The quote, the design, everything!

Something I want to do this year is really learn who I am. No, I’m not going to go all granola and head out into the woods to “find myself”. I just want to learn by observation. At the end of each day I’d like to reflect on what happened and most importantly how I responded and how I could do it differently. How I could do it with Jesus.

I learned a lot about my limits and imbalances last year. I push myself to unhealthy ends to make others happy, to do everything, to be like others and to be perfect. My expectations for myself are beyond attainable and God never intended for me to do ANY of those things I spend my time trying to do.

With that all being said, I’m not making any “resolutions” this year. Resolutions aren’t bad things at all. They’re good, measurable ways to make something happen! But for me it’s pressure. Pressure to achieve and attain. And when someone like me doesn’t measure up to their self-imposed standards, we know just where to find the wading pool of self-loathing. I’m not swimming there in 2012.

Ultimately, I just want to be myself this year. I mean really be me. I want God to write the story not my flesh. I don’t want to be who I’ve created me to be or who the world tells me to be. I want to be the Me that God created me to be–Holy and dearly loved.

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