remember when I did a home tour…

Yeah, I’m not very consistent.  Of well after a few weeks, I’m back! Here is our hall bath.  This is the one all guests use and we use most of the time.

This is a shot looking in from our hallway.  The old vanity used to be half that size and there was an ENORMOUS mirror that went from the corner of the bathroom all the way to the shower. Weird. The light was also one of those strips with like 8 bulbs. It was rusty and gross so we replaced it too.

I bought the mirror a couple of years ago from a local store. It’s vintage and was a gold-y green horrible color. It was a splurge at $75 but I knew it was worth it. (If you’ve ever shopped for mirrors, you know they are very pricey). It’s a really nice heavy mirror and similar ones go for around $600!!!

Cheetah lamp is from Goodwill and the topiary is a splurge from Ballard. It’s preserved and so pretty, and since topiaries are classic (if I can keep it fresh) I plan to have it for a loong time.

Candle is “Autumn” something from Bath and Body Works {Yeah, random} but I loove the smell of it. Hopefully they bring it back this year. I’ll be stocking up.

We got the vanity and top and a place in Justin’s hometown. (Originally the vanity was oak and about half that size.) It was completely unfinished wood so we had free reign with paint color.  This paint looks weird in this pictured but in real life its a moody olive-y green color. Faucet was from Lowes.  Justin installed everything, he rocks. : )

Botanical print is from Home Goods and the basket with stuff are things I already had. I got this print way back but I’m still deciding on it.  I feel like it needs to be in more of a “gallery” than just by itself. It looks lonely.

Shower curtain is clearance from Macy’s. I put up a white one at one point. Eww. I liked this one much better.

This bathroom and I go way back. Not really, just back to December. We finished it right before Christmas and the morning after it was finished I got sick. Like head spinning, chills, toilet hugging sick. I had never loved a freezing tile floor like that in my life. This bathroom was good to me. Anyways..

Photographing a small bathroom is hard, and strange. Okay maybe photographing anything in your home is strange, but here’s Gracie taking in the whole weirdo thing.

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