Blog Roll

I’ve been busy.  The not good kind either. The kind of busy that makes you decide that something’s got to give. I’m finishing up some projects this week and then hopefully rethinking my time and priorities (and maybe learning a new word to me, “No”). But that’s not why I showed up today. I want to share some favorites!

Don’t you just looove finding a new blog. Not just any blog but the kind you could easily spend an hour on, searching archives and soaking in everything about a family, home or lifestyle. I love it and the inspiration it brings!

Here’s a quick rundown of my favorites. I love different things about each blog– whether it’s writing style, photos, ideas or honesty they’re all wonderful and inspiring. These are in no particular order.

jones design company

simple thoughts

fly through our window

the Storywood

Chatting at the Sky

bower power

gussy sews

the Pleated Poppy

simple mom

{The picture is a random from our trip to Charleston…I realized I haven’t shared any.  We took one picture of the two of us and it entirely too zoomed in. Oh well, I got pictures of the seriously beautiful homes downtown.}


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