The power of a list.

You all, I got organized this weekend!!  Have you ever felt like your tasks, dreams and ideas just spin out of control? I finally cracked because I couldn’t take stuffing my brain anymore.  It all started to finally spill out which began with my blog post on Friday and culminated in crazy crazy list making Friday night. Late into the night.  But, I woke up with time to work Saturday and felt so relieved that I knew exactly what I needed {and wanted} to do.

I first want to confess that I’m a pen and paper kind of girl. As much as I love technology and all the scheduling and organizing it can do, I feel more accomplished and on top of things I need to do when it’s on paper.  I have had a notebook for many months now that I use to keep track of all business legalities, project invoices and resources that help me learn more about growing. By adding my paper lists to it turned into a daily lifeline.

I started by deciding the four areas where I felt like I needed the most help containing my thoughts/tasks/ideas.

I began by creating a sheet that would help me to see my entire upcoming week at a glance. I called it “this week”, yeah I’m creative.  On my “this week” list, I can write down any appointments or commitments I have during the upcoming week. {None of what I am talking about applies to my 9-5, were talking strictly personal and RTL here.}

this week

I then just created a check list for things I wanted/needed to achieve. It doesn’t really apply to a certain time period which is why it’s so many lines. Getting everything down was key for me no matter when I wanted to get it done. Anything on my “to do” list can also be scheduled around my commitments on “this week”.

to do

The next list I created was for projects.  These can be things I am working on for a client or simply a personal project. Having all the information related to a project on a specific page is really helpful and keeps me from having to troll through texts and emails for project related details.

project deets

And finally was blog posts. I have lots of ideas and things I want to do with the blog. I want to be intentional here and also real.  That doesn’t happen in just an hour. That is why I created a sheet where I can log ideas, topics, deadlines and sources/resources.  When having a place to log blog brainstorming it makes for a more promising post and also causes less pressure or stress when you have your free time to blog.

blog post

I’ve made each list I created printable {click the list you want to choose} so you all can join in on the taking-control-of-our-overactive-minds party. Yay! You’ll notice some space in the left margin.  That’s in case you hole punch the pages because who likes to hole punch into the printed area? : )

I may show my notebook later this week. Too. Tired. Right. Now.

One thought on “The power of a list.

  1. Just printed these! So excited….I’m SUCH a listmaker. Until now it’s usually on loose leaf or post – it’s. So glad it can be more presentable now. Tanks! =)

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