I have lots of thoughts…

one being…

I keep trying to squeeze too much in but then I remember what Emily says and am reminded that no one else is doing it all either {no matter how they appear on the outside}.

I can’t stop looking at Pinterest.

I wish I would have kept up with the Harry Potter series. I think I finished book 4 right before high school then never moved on to the rest. With all the hooplah of the last movie coming out Justin and I have started in on the movies.

We picked Gracie up from the Kennel on Monday when we got home from our trip and we’ve been calling her “Miss Squirt” ever since. eww.  Bless her heart.

I’ve gotten a new bike to begin training for the triathlon we’re doing in September.  Jus and I have been running some and running has moved ahead of biking in my “I’m worried about it” category. I also got biking shorts which are so helpful but the jury’s still out on my self-conscious level in them.

I’m working on wedding invitations for a friend’s September wedding.

Bagged popcorn makes me gag. I can only eat it popped stove-top in olive oil now {and movie theatre but that’s a no brainer}.

I’m not happy with the layout/design of my blog but can’t find the chunk of time/resources I need to change it.

Justin passed his Step 1 exam and I’m so happy for him! He goes back to school in just a couple of weeks so I want to really soak up the next several days with him.

The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for the Perfect Iced Coffee makes my mouth water. I want to try it but while I loved and laughed out loud at this commentary on making it, I’m definitely intimidated.

I don’t think I’ve ever spelled “definitely” right the first go around.

Restored to Life dreams keep getting bigger and bigger in my head but I’m struggling to find the time to make them happen.

What do you all eat for dinner? I feel stuck in the ideas department. Links, recipes a quick run down of favorites or just an “oh girl, I feel ya pain” would all be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “I have lots of thoughts…

  1. First of all, I love your blog! About dinner….I’m stuck too! I’m so tired of making the same things every week. I have no new ideas and no idea where to find any! We are also trying to eat healthy and I’m a vegetarian. That makes it twice as hard! :)

  2. Um….I love your blog too and I stay overwhelmed & full of ideas too so I feel your pain. P
    Recipes: love the pw cookbook as well as food.com because they rate recipes and you can do an ingredient search. I have a lot of stand by’s in rotation though. I’m happy to share if you’d like.

  3. Love this post :) And you’re right, no one, no matter who they are, is doing it all. I struggle with this too! :) Your blog looks great too! I got some great advice about doing all you want to do: make a list. And keep adding to it, but make a point to work off one or two a day. That way, you have all your ideas down on paper (so you won’t forget) and have a visual to keep you going. ;)

  4. One word: e-meals.com. ok, it wasn’t a word. Still, its AWESOME! been doing it for over a year. (Ok, that was a lot of words)

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