a whole new world

This weekend I was introduced to a whole new world. The triathlon world. Justin and a couple of friends trained for a few weeks to do a triathlon this past weekend.  It wasn’t the nicest day for hanging out outdoors and triathlons aren’t much of a spectator sport but it was so much fun getting to see my hubby in action. I am so proud of him!

Some pre-race giggling.

the pool was mass chaos under incredibly ominous skies but Jus still kicked booty.

I loved all my candid “sportsmanship” pictures I took that day.  Justin and his friends loved that I kept calling them “sportsmanship” pictures.

Heading off for the 14 mile ride. Nothing like a rainy, windy bike ride to start the day off.

While the racers were out.  We waited. And I took pictures. And we got rained on. And got freezing cold. There was cotton candy for spectators though so we indulged in a well-balanced 100% sugar breakfast.

…and here he comes! Justin did so awesome and I am always so amazed at what he accomplishes when he puts his mind to it.

They already decided they wanted to do another one in the next few months so I decided to join them!  It’s crazy I know but not as crazy as the 26.2 miles I ran in 2009.  Nothing will ever be that crazy. I feel confident in the swimming and could get there for the run, it’s the biking I’m the most nervous about.  It’s looking like we’ll be doing this race here in Lexington on September 4. You should put your crazy hat on and join us if you’re up to the challenge!

3 thoughts on “a whole new world

  1. Yay Justin!! That is awesome! Too bad it was a nasty day for it. I’m still getting over the fact that there was cotton candy there for spectators. How opposite of a tri:) You are crazy but you’ll do awesome! I’ll keep my crazy hat off for that one. I did have a friend do the tri for sight two years ago and it was great fun to watch:)

  2. Did he do the Bowling Green one? I did that one followed by the Susan Bradley Race in October of 08′ – LOVED IT! You can totally do it! I maybe could do the duathlon portion but not the swim- I’m not in that kind of shape anymore. Maybe I can come cheer you on though!

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