A Peek into Our Entry

Where did the weekend go?!

Justin made it through his exam and we’ve had so much fun since it’s been over, not doing anything special but we’ve just been able to hang out. We had family over on Sunday and were able to spend the entire day together. That hasn’t happened in a really long time without us worrying about when Justin could get back to the books. We’re so relieved it’s over and appreciated those who prayed!

And now, for all of you who have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of “our home”, here is our entry way! (And that was a joke, I know no one has really been waiting).

Curtains/rod are from Target; Table from IKEA; Rug (needs to be replaced), brown pillow from Home Goods; Covered Parsons chair from Peddlers Mall ($25) rivals these pretty closely for quite a bit more money; vintage wooden Atlas drink crate from Tennessee antique place; Fox Hunting print from a campground garage sale; big lantern from Marshalls; small lantern from Restore; Table Lamp from Hobby Lobby; Leaf dish, Martha Stewart from Macy’s.

We keep Gracie’s leashes and towels in this crate.

This hanging light was a drum shade I bought at Goodwill and covered with fabric I already had.  Whole thing including wiring and ceiling pendant was probably done for under $15. Just asked Justin if he felt that was accurate price.  He said no. With all the work he put into hanging it it was about $150.  Touché.

This is what you see when coming in from the front door.  The door to the left is to our garage.

Mirror from Target in my college days; Welcome print done by me;  Silhouette frame is vintage from my grandmother.  I’m pretty sure it has the date in the 1920’s somewhere on it. It says “Afternoon Tea”.

The wall opposite this is totally blank.  I have ideas for it but can’t commit to any thing.  Would like to paint this area too.

There you have it!  Can’t figure out what to feature next but I’ll come up with something. Do you have pictures of your home on the internet?  Comment with links so we can peek inside! : )


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