Shopping is Back!

I’ve added the shop button back to the sidebar that links to my Etsy store!  After inventory changed from the craft show I did in April, I pulled my link down, got back on board with Etsy and have slowly started listing items on there.  I don’t have a ton of stuff on there right now but I have a lot of things to add.

As of now I don’t have any personalized stationary/invitation listings on Etsy but I DO do those things still. Here are some of my recent custom projects.

“Time for Tea” notecard set

Baby Shower

Kitchen Shower for Bride

Wedding Shower

Prices tend to vary based on time spent with a project and the quantity of the order.  I love doing custom projects and am willing to work with you on your order. A dream of mine would be to add a standard price list to the blog and also list pre-designed but customizable items on Etsy. So many ideas and dreams yet it seems like there’s just not enough time! Who’s with me?

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