A House Person {and finally a peek into our home}

I can’t help it that I’m a house person.

I LOVE seeing inside of other people’s homes. As a young child I hated going to open houses with my grandmother.  We would go on Sundays, the typical open house day, and I’ll never know if they were actually looking to buy or just looking to look. (I’d likely guess they were looking to look because she has the same thing for houses as me) I got a little older and actually started liking it.  Mom  and I would go to those Grand Tour of Homes here in Lexington and I would just imaging living in a house like that, how I would have decorated it differently, or who actually did live there.  Now with internet and TV I can literally get a glimpse into people’s homes at any second of any day.  I know I’m sounding totally peeping Tom but it’s so not like that.  I think the space people live in says sooo much about them and I think that’s so interesting. Not to mention that my heart races when I see beautiful, unique designs and feel incredibly inspired.

With all that being said, I thought it would only be fair to begin to share some of our home. It’s a continual work in progress but I cant help it that I’m a house person.   : )

{The light was best in the guest room today and I got the best pictures in there so it looks like that’s where we’ll start. Weird, I know}

That stripey ruffle pillow is a Restored to Life original. Go fig.

Table is antique from my grandmother. So primitive but classy, I love it. Picnic basket was $4 at Goodwill and quilt was made by someone in Justin’s family way back.

That dresser was also antique from my grandmother. It’s one of my favorite {maybe my favorite} pieces in our house.  Chair from IKEA, pillow needs embellishing and leather traveling train case below was my great grandmothers and has her initials branded in gold on the front. LMS. Frame on the wall has a bird print in it and it’s mate is on the other side of the window. {also antique}

Check out the detail on that dresser mirror. I am instantaneously drawn to anything with that pearl strandy look. Our wedding invitations even had that raised design on them.

Blue coral found in frame in Marshall’s.  Lamp is from Home Goods and although I’m not a huge fan, I loove when it makes its appearances on  House. They always have its look alike in the hospital rooms {don’t know what that says about the lamp}. And the tray.  The tray used to be wooden and it said something about Home Sweet Home and had a gingerbread man on it.  I snatched it right up for less than a dollar then Mod Podged it with some book pages.

For anyone that recognizes, that is Tori Spelling’s “Uncharted TerriTORI”.  She is so much fun, I wish she would come to know Christ so we could hang out in Heaven.

If you’re bored to tears, 200 points for sticking it out that long.

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