TOMS & a Giveaway

So I did it. As my husband and co-workers like to say, I’m trendy now. I bought a pair of TOMS.

I never thought I would get a pair. {never say never, right?} They’re just not really “me” and I always looked at them as shoes other people wore. But, I had been wanting a pair of tennis-shoes-that-weren’t-really-tennis-shoes. You all know what I’m talking about, shoes that look athletic but you wouldn’t dream of actually being athletic in.

I didn’t really know what I wanted and I wasn’t about to shop for anything. I know most girls “love” shoes. I don’t. I don’t like shopping for them especially if I don’t know exactly what I am looking for. So I just never went looking for athletic-looking-but-not-athletic-shoes.

Enter TOMS. There are tons of TOMS wearers at work so I see them everyday. But one day in particular my heart skipped a beat and I decided to give them a try, maybe they were just what I was looking for. So I went, and I bought…

… and I am very pleasantly surprised by them. I like them and they actually ARE comfortable. I really thought it was something people just said, but it’s true. So now I want the “classic” ones in “Ash”. {see I’m even learning the lingo : ) }

When you buy a pair of TOMS they give a pair to a child who doesn’t have shoes. Wonderful.

You can have a chance to WIN a $50 gift card for TOMS & the TOMS documentary DVD.

What entering the giveaway does: earns you a chance {or several} to pick out an awesome pair of shoes, which in turn gets a child in need a pair of shoes. And the best part? It’s helps a family bring home a precious adopted child.

Check out this fun and spunky family’s blog for the deets. But before you go, adore their adorable girl!

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