From eek to chic.

At least I feel that way. :)  This is our front door that says nothing about the way I want our home to feel. I looks cold and bare compared to the warmness I feel an entry to a home should bring.

I had been trying to brainstorm for quite sometime about how to change the side window panel for something less “vintage” if you will {and a little less smoke stained, yuck}.

Then I saw this…


…and knew it was just the solution I didn’t know I was looking for! I picked up come cheap hardware and a curtain panel at Target and I was on my merry little way to a more cozy entry. The picture doesn’t show it, but our panel is brown. In the summer I may pop a white one up, but for now the brown makes the space feel a little more “winter-y”.

We are able to get outdoor light in and still be able to close the curtain at night. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it really changed the feel of the room. ps…poor lighting + poor photography skills = very poor picture.  Sorry, but you get the idea.

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