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So I started out the year with a bang. {okay not really, but kind of} After a two week break over Christmas I was kind of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work {I feel behind after missing a day, much less a whole two weeks!} But, a looming call to a jury duty selection put a halt on getting back into any sort of routine just yet. I knew going in on Monday that I would at least miss a half day, best case scenario of not being selected to serve on the trail that was in question that day. However, I was one of 14 selected to sit on a two week {!!!} trial starting right after the lunch break that day. OMGoodness.

The only thing I knew about being in court was what I saw in Legally Blonde. Unfortunately it’s nothing like that.

With two days of being crunched up in a teeny jury box for 8 hours under my belt already I am more motivated than ever to get into shape and choose a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried to make a conscious choice about everything I put into my mouth. It’s looking as if most of my juror buddies will be eating out everyday for our break.  The old 2010 Shannon would have done that, but not now. Instead, today I chose to pack a lunch that I felt confident about eating {and saved money}. I also heard there was a “really nice” juror’s lounge in the building so I decided to head down to check it out for lunch. Nothing like sitting in a quiet concrete block room with three others who are intent on the drama happening on Jerry Springer.  Super Awk.

Luckily I brought something to read in addition to catching up on blogs and answering work e-mails. Justin and I bought “Eat this, Not That” at the grocery on Sunday and were so intrigued by its contents we we’re in the store probably twice as long sharing tidbits of one shocking fact after another. We tried to do the rest of the trip by this book. Okay, just by using the pics at this point but it was still fun to feel like we were outsmarting the advertisers. There is more in-depth information in this book that I was so thankful to have over lunch to block out all the “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry”s. I think I’ll find a new place tomorrow.

Justin and I also each started our workouts this week. He’s doing the ever-faithful p90x and I’m trying a borrowed version of “Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred”.

I have no intentions of trying to get all my results in one month, but I have heard great things about it and I was able to borrow it from a family member. I still want to go to the gym to work out but I do enjoy the comfort of being at home at least for now while I am just trying to get back into the swing of things.

And finally, the last thing Justin and I started this week was taking vitamins.

We’re each taking a multivitamin and I have added in a fish oil vitamin for it’s outstanding benefits for improving mental health and depression. I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of vitamins but I wanted to give them a try.

Have you had luck with any of these weight management tools??  Please share!


4 thoughts on “some of the tools & other news

  1. Good for you Shannon. You gotta start somewhere so every little change helps. Pre-pregnancy I was a regular “shredder” and I am a big fan of her other videos too – “no more trouble zones and boost fat burn metabolism”. All are good but shred is probably my favorite. Good luck with all your efforts!

  2. you go girl with the 30 day shred! i have that video and its pretty hard! you asked for tips on weight management tools….i think it helps to write down what you eat. i always think it helps to see and be accountable for everything you put in your mouth. otherwise i make excuses. most common: starburst counts as a “fruit” and chocolate is simply my dairy for the day.

  3. I’ve also done the 30 day shred and it’s pretty good! The nice thing is you can also just write down everything and do it on your own sans video if you need to return the dvd.

    This past December I saw my doctor, and she wasn’t too keen on pill-form of vitamins. They just don’t absorb very well. I take colloidal mineral supplements but still pop some vitamin pills for Vitamin D, as most women are deficient on D (and I was) and at least it can’t hurt. I’ve also done fish oil too.

    Diet-wise, I feel good when I eat a colorful plate and minimize fried foods and sweets. That and drinking lots of water!

    Look forward to hearing progress on your goals!

  4. get it girl! Getting started is the hardest part, but it sounds like you’re motivated! I agree with Amy and everyone, writing it down and calorie counting at the same time really helps. The handful of chips here or another “small”snack I wouldn’t think anything of add up fast! and I could have lived without it! We’re all queens of making excuses but if i had to write sometimes I wouldn’t eat it! or i’d at least think harder about it…haha

    I tell you the tape I really love and I’m so sore after is Belly Butt and Thighs by Prevention Magazine. Chris Freytag is the trainer on it. there are 3 10minute sections so you can mix and match, do only 1 or all 3 if you have time! Keep working hard! it’s a struggle for all of us :)

    Good luck with jury duty! Sometimes it can be interesting i’ve heard…at least the people watching part!

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