I seriously love the weekends. The longer they feel the better.  Some seem to be just the right length of time but most seem to go by entirely too fast. I don’t have any plans this weekend that are super out of the ordinary but I’m still excited just for free time.  Well, not really free time, but fun time!

Tonight I’m babysitting Chesley.  She’s my two year old cousin who I’m seriously in love with.  Ches is SUCH a precious ball of pure childlike energy and is so much fun to be around.  I’m really glad her parents are super into UK sports so I get to spend time with Chesley.  : )  I’ll probably get home late, but if I’m not tired when I get home I’m gonna work on some projects for the shop.  {Don’t forget to comment to win a RtL gift card set, winner selection is Monday!}

Saturday plans pretty much just include a short trip to Berea with Jus to watch his brother coach a basketball game. He’s the coach of a county middle school and it’s his first game so we’re excited to see him in action! A lady at work told me about a small craft fair in Lexington that I hope to swing by tomorrow afternoon. I’m looking for smaller places to meet local crafters and try to sell some stuff. She does it on several weekends and it sounds like fun!

I hope to be able to work on some projects tomorrow afternoon and then Saturday night plans seem to be up in the air but I think it’s involving dinner with friends!

Sunday, Jus and I will probably go to 8:30 church and our class we attends after.  Then I hope to get home to take pics of my products outside, edit them and get my shop page going!  Yippee..

We also really need to hit up the grocery store. Ugh.  I’m really dreading it. Maybe we’ll just stay in on Sunday night for movies and popcorn. I eat popcorn for meals, my husband doesn’t. So we’ll probably just end up at the grocery.

What are you people doing this weekend??

One thought on “Weekend.

  1. Just had a really busy Friday/Saturday! Big silent auction and market at our church that I head up every year! It is exhausting, but great. This was my last year, though, so a bit bittersweet. Tomorrow is church and a quiet afternoon, I hope.

    How’s the workshop going for you?

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