Allergies and Announcement

I’ve been M.I.A for what seems like forever. Based on tweets you have probably noticed that I haven’t been feeling good.  Since we got back from our honeymoon in July I have been congested. I was surviving and just pushing though {I’ve had allergies forever and have always been able to bear it and go on.}  But last Friday morning I hit rock bottom, so I went in to the doc for antibiotics as I have gone from congestion to infection.  I got some and a prescription strength antihistamine that I can take in addition to my Zyrtec.  You all should see me in the mornings, I have one of those seven day pill cases and I look like such an old person with all my pills.  2 amoxacillion, 1 zyrtec, 1 stayhist, 1 wellbutrin and 1 lexapro. I’ve also been using saline spray a couple times a day.  I think I am coming to terms that I may actually be allergic to my precious pup. I won’t let her go so were going to have to take precautionary measures to protect me while still enjoying our dog.

I’ve learned that if you are allergic to your dog, you should never let them into your bedroom, should try to keep upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets to a minimum, and bathe them as little as possible.  I know that sounds gross but it’s the bath that dries their skin out and spreads the yucky dander that I am allergic to. So we will see how all this goes…

That’s the first part of why I haven’t been blogging, cloudy mind and achy body leaves me wanting to do absolutely nothing…

Okay, so I really don’t have an announcement today but I guess you could say I am announcing an announcement.  Stay tuned for NOVEMBER 1, my friends. That may or may not be the second reason I have been M.I.A.   Any guesses what you think it might be??  {I’m not preggo.} Ps…if you are my husband or were in the communication suite “if you could do anything what would you do?” convo, you are not allowed to answer.


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