I think I like closet offices…

…considering I work in a walk-in closet size office at work and now my “office” at home is a closet too! Literally! We have a spare bedroom that we called the office but it was mainly for Justin until this started happening…

All of my crafting stuff ended up on the buffet. I would sew or paint on the kitchen table and scoot it all over a few feet when I was done to get it out of the way. Our living room, kitchen and dining room are all one big room, so you could see this mess at every turn not to mention when you walked into the front, garage and back doors. We were tired of looking at it so we decided to tackle something I had been dreaming of for quite sometime.

So back to Justin’s office it was…I moved in. I had no other choice. But I was happy to do it!  Here’s what we had to work with.

Two {mirrored !} sliding closet doors.

After a few weekends of work we ended up with this.

I could not be more thrilled at how it turned out!  I have storage for all the things that accumulated on the buffet and I have a place to call just my own. It all started with $5 door we purchased at ReStore to build the desk out of. It was smooth, hollow and light but sturdy and easy to trim down to fit the space.  We painted it and cut a hole behind the little lamp for all the chords to go. Can’t beat a $5 custom desk.

I had some white frames that I painted a “metallic champagne” color from a project I already had.  The white was too harsh with the very vintage botanical prints.  My aunt was cleaning out her house and found an ancient looking book that had these prints in them. It was a sewing book so I’m not sure why these were in there but I love them.

I was handed down sewing stuff from my grandmother and that bronze, footed bowl was mixed in with the stuff.  It’s perfect for small desk items. And yep, that moth box is one of my Target John Derian finds.  I can keep all my computer chords, cameras and chargers in there.

The siloutte print is another find from my grandmothers house.  I found it with a similar one that was dated from the 1920’s. The S is old from Anthropologie and my desk space seemed like the only logical place for it to go.

Justin built me three shelves that we painted with paint we already had.  We added trim to the front of each shelf to make it look a little more purposeful. All of my stuff is organized in the boxes and everything has it’s place.  Buttons, needles, thread, stationary, fabric, glue guns, paint brushes, ribbons, beads, gift boxes and pillow stuffing all found a home.

That gorgeous leather luggage piece was my great grandmothers that was going to go in a family yard sale.  I couldn’t let it go.  I love it and I was determined to find a place in my home for it.  It’s perfect in my girly little space.

Justin and I used some wedding money and splurged on a chair and ottoman from IKEA. It is behind my desk and in the perfect place to blog and read.  I made some pillows for it and already had the leopard print throw.

Behind the chair is the perfect place for keep all my papers, a wastebasket and a tote for easy access when I need to take my computer some where.

So there you have it.  My side of the office is complete and cozy! Justin’s side is a whoooole nother story…

4 thoughts on “I think I like closet offices…

  1. it looks SO good shan!!! you are just too creative :) i miss you so much!

    p.s. i have fond memories of that little leopard throw back from the apartment days…

  2. Hi Shannon, what a great job on the “closet” office. My daughter has a similar situation in her room and wants a desk so badly. We had thought about doing it in the closet and you have given me great inspiration!

    Lori (from the Be Inspired Workshop)

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