Wonderful Wednesday: John Derian

Before we jump in I want to confess to my mega blog mistake.  I spent time this weekend playing around with coding my blog to change my look up a bit.  What I did was make all text input WHITE, from comments and e-mail subscriptions!! Oh my goodness.  If anyone tried to comment I’m so sorry for the phantom typing that may have occurred.  Thanks to my husband for alerting me of the prob last night so I could get things straightened out! Sorry again! Now to regularly scheduled programming…

John Derian Company may have been around since 1989 but his whimsical, decoupage designs have finally come across my radar. The beauty of his prints, home office supplies and serve ware made my heart skip a beat at my discovery in Target last week. The style may sooo not be for some people but I was instantly drawn in.  So drawn in that I opened up my wallet and splurged on some new storage for my office closet at home {yeah, it’s finally finished!  I’ll share the deets with you all tomorrow.} But for now you can rest your eyes on this.


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