Why Hello RtL Logo!

So, if you’ve been here before you’ll notice a redesign! It was high time to refine my look a little bit.

Here’s the header before:

And the transformation to the after:

I used the same photos because I think they are fantastic and are still relevant to who I am.  I did however create a logo. It is actually quite different from the old font style used before.  Before was a rash decision based on a feeling and a look. Now, an actual logo has “transformed” that I think fits me more. I love Baskerville, lowercase and wide leading {spacing}. I think Baskerville is classic and beautiful. In my personal opinion it can swing “modern” or “vintage” depending on how you use it. It’s used in all of my text areas and categories of my blog. Arial had no personality.

After quite sometime of thinking about whether I wanted to incorporate an image into my logo, I decided yes. The butterfly took awhile to grow on me but I came to the conclusion that it had significant connections to the Restored to Life story and name. What an amazing transformation of restored life the butterfly has. From caterpillar to butterfly. From earth to sky. From ugly to beautiful. What freedom the butterfly has after the transformation. Just like a forgiven sinner. Just like me. So that’s why I chose her and I think she’ll be here to stay.

The rest of the blog “look” has changed as well. I incorporated the brown and tan throughout the blog as I wanted to “warm it up” as the season cools. I couldn’t get rid of the linen pattern because I love it.

As October is almost here and some of you may be starting the {meal planning} thing we talked about last week.  I thought I would create a fun little October calendar for you to download and print if you choose. Enjoy!

Comment if you download it and like using it! Maybe you can even share what all you’re planning.

2 thoughts on “Why Hello RtL Logo!

  1. Shannon,

    So i secretly stalk your blog and I love this idea of planning out ahead of time, I just printed off the calendar and I’m going to plan ahead of time because every night when we try to decide what to eat we’re like uhhh..ummm…yeah haha!! so great idea thanks!

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