Wash ‘n Go

What’s more rewarding than eating and awesome dinner that you planned for, shopped for, prepped for, cooked and ate than a sink full of dirty pans and measuring spoons? Not.

Something I’ve found to minimize dish clutter is to wash as I go. Some meals this is harder to do than others but instead of sitting that skillet in the sink wash it out as soon as your done.

There was a recipe that I made from Martha’s Good Foods Fast book that included this yummy looking visual.

Most normal people would be drooling over the food. Not me. Not me.  I was drooling over the fact that the entire meal was on one serving plate. Yeah, yeah. Big deal you say. What do you know? If Martha’s done her dishes as she cooks, what’s left to clean up after dinner but one serving plate.

If anyone is still reading this, you may find these helpful. This dish drying mat, from Bed, Bath and Beyond is soo super helpful, it’s unreal.

It soaks up water like you would not believe. I have no idea where it all goes. This little bugger also makes dishes a cinch.

Put your dish soap in and go.

Cleaning up spills and washing dishes as you go makes after dinner so much easier. You might as well do the dishes while you’re already in the kitch.

2 thoughts on “Wash ‘n Go

  1. did you really just end the series with “kitch”?!? hahaha!

    these are all very helpful! now i just need to get off work at a decent hour so i can eat a cooked meal before 10 ;)

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