Shop ’til You Drop

So after making our calendar of meals, and adding in our everyday items like deli meat, milk, bread, etc., etc. it’s time to hit the store!

The way we have our paycheck, bills and budget set up we were fortunately able to do all of our shopping for the whole month only once at the start of the month.  You can divide it up however it works for you and your family, but I despise grocery shopping so the less I have to be in the store the better.

Before we went shopping, I searched the weekly Kroger Ad and hopped onto their site to download coupons. The way it works is awesome!! You can set up an account online and download coupons straight to your Kroger Plus card. You can also print off a list of the coupons you have to make sure you get those items.

With coupons and list in hand, Justin and I headed to the store in the late night and it worked perfectly with no crowd.  But let me tell you, this was no Supermarket Sweep. We were in the store for around 2 hours. {I promise we’re not crazy! Okay, maybe a little.} The majority of the time was spent crunching numbers and comparing prices. With such a large list and a shopping budget, we kept close tabs on each thing we bought. We’ll walk through some ways to keep your wallet in check.

1. Stick to your list.

2. Take the time to look through store ads and clip coupons where you can. {Manufacturer coupons can be tricky though. A lot of times you have to buy multiples of something to get the discount when you may not want all of it.}

3. If you are using coupons, still look for the cheaper option. Just because you have a coupon, doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest option.

4. Take advantage of store offered deals.  Gotta love a 10 for $10 offer or 4 cases of Diet Coke for $10.  What you’re buying may seem like an absurd amount at the time, but it can save you money in the long run if it’s stuff you actually use and will last awhile.

5. Be conscience of prices per unit. Justin taught me to pay attention to this and I was absolutely amazed at the differences of some items. I felt totally ripped off.

6. Keep track of what you’re spending as you go.  Yeah it takes longer to keep a running total but it will save you the nervous sweat at the check out. Keeping track of totals will also help you evaluate each thing you put into your cart.

7. Have patience.

For some of you, {well probably most of you} think this is the most ridiculous thing ever.  I did too until I realized what I could be saving and what kind of money I was throwing away at the grocery. All in all Justin and I saved 1/4 of what we spent!  That’s alot when you’re talking about a whole month’s food budget! What wasn’t spent then could be used to restock your produce and perishables, mid-month.

You can of course choose to be as extreme as you want with the saving money thing. But for me, it feels like good stewardship to try to save where you can. However, our biggest splurge? Jif. We couldn’t resist it. Nothing compares.

How do you save?

One thought on “Shop ’til You Drop

  1. My mom taught me to pay attention to prices per unit. It does revolutionize your shopping! For me, even looking at differences in costs between brands or different “forms” – like individual serving sizes vs one bulk unit of something, chunk vs shredded cheeses… etc. Sometimes even with sale prices, it’s still cheaper based on unit prices to go with, say, a chunk cheese instead of pre-shredded.

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