So, I’ve been gone for a while..

…I don’t really have any reason to have not blogged in a while. Well maybe I do. I just haven’t found or made the time.  My intentions to blog over the weekend totally fell to the wayside when I decided I was going to totally scrub the house, join a new class at church, get a major headache, go to London for a few hours and take my first trip to the new Sam’s Club. No time for blogging.

We’ve also been working on a pretty time consuming project over the last couple of weeks.  It may have a little something to do with this!  We’ve been in the process of transforming our office closet into a desk and craft storage area for me.  Right now my paints, fabrics, papers etc, etc, are in piles all over the house.  I can’t stand this. Our garage is also housing ZERO cars right now because it’s turned into a woodshop. I cannot stand having a garage and not parking in it.

I’m desperate to get this office and storage area finished because the house is a a disaster zone. We’ve also got an unfinished bathroom vanity sitting in the garage waiting for paint, a backyard piled high with concrete slab and dirt. Ceramic ties and grout in the garage waiting to be installed into bathrooms and laundry. Hardwood floors on order. {It pays to know a floor salesman, Thanks Dad!} But only one project at a time my friends.

Also, a week ago Justin’s car decided it would bring us home from our Labor Day weekend trip to London, but that’s all it decided it wanted to do. So it was towed away leaving us with only a car to share for a week. I know families only have one car and make it work all the time but that was a hard change.  Luckily Justin’s parents had a vehicle we could use until we decide what would be the best option to do next.

All that on top of constantly battling allergies, school exams, taking care of a dog, working a full time job, laundry, volunteering at church, cooking almost every meal at home {and having to clean up after every meal}, learning to make a new marriage work and trying to find time for friends, hobbies and personal alone time.

Whew. I’m exhausted. I need you Heavenly Father.

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