Interior Inspiration: Not Inspired

I’m sure I’m not the only one who when flipping through the latest Pottery Barn had to recheck the cover to make sure they were actually looking at Pottery Barn. Check out these freakishly {no pun intended} weird PB fall accessories.

Detail of the hurricane:

Skulls. Ok PB. Gross.

Corn husk rodents? No thank you. Don’t think I’ve found any inspiration or DIY ideas from this Pottery Barn fail. Maybe next year…

Molly Erdman from of course had something to say about it as well….

No bones about it…

To be fair Elaine, I specifically asked not to be in charge of decor for the wake.

One thought on “Interior Inspiration: Not Inspired

  1. OK, so I love decorating for fall with harvest stuff. (I seriously have a hard time getting through Hobby Lobby without buying new pumpkin decorations!) But I’m so not in to Halloween decorations. YUCK! I have one halloween-y pumpkin, but it’s a smiley face, so I’m ok with it for the week of halloween. Skulls? NO! Bleh!

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