Wonderful Wednesday: I don’t know…

…where I would be without the help of my “healing team”. You see, there is a group of four women who make up “my” team. Each one plays a particular role in helping me be restored to my fullest self. And today I want to celebrate these wonderful women.

{Teammate 1} It all started with a woman who commited to climb Mt. Everest with me in search for healing and restoration a little over a year ago. I am thankful for her deep in-tune-ness with The Spirit.  She listened to The Spirit at a time when I couldn’t. She battled for me when I couldn’t. She prayed for me when I couldn’t. And after many months of walking with me, we both felt led to invite another woman along my journey.

{Teammate 2} How I am thankful for my second teammate. She is quiet but available. To me her job is powerful. She listens to a person, and then listens to The Spirit. She helps a person in need find a person that can help. She connected me with my third team mate.

{Teammate 3} My third teammate is a Certified Social Worker. She is a Christian and listens to The Spirit’s leading each time I meet with her. She walks me through dealing with certain issues. She makes me feel human and helps me gain control of my thoughts and feelings. She is a blessing to me and I look forward to the 50 minutes I get to sit down and talk with her. After our second meeting together back in February, she saw something in me that needed to be addressed. Something that “talking it though” would not help.

{Teammate 4} That is where teammate four comes in. She is a medical professional. But not just a medical professional. She is a Christian. She helped me to see that there is much power in modern medicine. That modern medicine is the Lord’s temporary solution to a fallen world. She diagnosed me with MDD and GAD. What would probably be devastation for most was complete freedom for me. With the help of the best medicine ever, I can now be free from the heaviness. I can hear from the Lord. The Truths I had been trying to internalize from the Lord for so long would now sink in.

These are my teammates. These are the women who listened to The Spirit’s guiding at a time when noise was too loud for me to hear Him.  These are the women who set me on the path to healing from the battle wounds that the bloody claws of depression and anxiety caused me. For them I am grateful.

The journey is far from over, but I’m now prepared with tools and teammates I need to survive.  Today, I want to encourage you to celebrate the people in your life who have helped you along the journey.

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