Patio Renovation {Part 1}

We love our backyard and are so thankful we have it. We did however have a patio that would win a contest for ugliest, most poorly built and most dangerous patio ever. Here, let me show you what I mean.

Here’s a nice view of next to the house.  I think old homeowner may have had intentions of landscaping in that little bit of space. Maybe not, but at least she framed it nicely with those nice 12″x12″ pavers.  Weirdest thing ever. Those will be coming up.

She also must have had some extra ones so she decided to just make a nice little border around the fence.  Maybe this is the weirdest thing ever.  Either way it’s not stopping neighbor Al’s watermelon vines from coming on over..

That’s some fine handy work, eh? And I don’t have a good picture of it because Jus got to it before I could get pictures, but framing the edge of the patio was wooden 2×4’s. They were visible, and they stuck out of the ground about two inches. Talk about some major toe stubbing.

Anyways, last Saturday morning we got to work on what was my first, and what will be my last patio renovation. Justin ran to get supplies and I began the dirty work.

While I worked on getting bricks up Justin’s parents came up from London to bring some very handy tools and to help out. A dump truck dropped this load of gravel into the driveway.

The rest was pretty much a hot and sweaty blur. We had jackhammers and excavators and concrete saws all in the back yard.

There was poured concrete under the brick pavers. (!)

It all had to be leveled out so we could put gravel and sand in the area. {Time lapse}

My dad and Jordan definitely had the best wheel barrel moves.  It looked like an olympic sport when they were in action. Darkness rolled in but we were thankful to have all the sand in place.

Day 2 came and it was just me and Jus. We started by tamping down all the sand.

Yeah, that was about all I could do so Jus had to take over.

Then we started the brick laying.  It was soo miserably hot. It was probably the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life. It was like being at the beach sweaty and sandy with no water or breeze in sight.  Ugh.

Each paver had to be leveled and tamped down with a rubber mallet. Are you kidding me?

This is obviously major time lapse but here is Jus on Monday evening.  After all the pavers were down we had to put more sand over the whole thing and sweep it into the cracks. My sinuses are starting to get to me at this point and dinner needed to be made so Gracie girl and I just watched from the window.

More to come in Patio Renovation {Part 2}  Have a happy weekend!  And just a suggestion that will save you some body aching and sanity, don’t try a project of this magnitude at home this weekend. As for me, I’ll be working on decorating the office and hopefully {finally} getting to cleaning the house. We may even be headed to the Beach Water Park tomorrow, if I can get to feeling better!

2 thoughts on “Patio Renovation {Part 1}

  1. Wow! That was a huge job! I drove past your street this weekend and saw the pile of gravel and thought about you all putting that hard work in during such a hot weekend! The final product looks great though! Good job!

  2. In high school my parents had us help them re-do our patio. It was miserable, so I can relate! I just remember having to carry and endless amount of bricks and then being all scraped up! My neighbors felt so bad they kept bringing us mint lemonade (which I tried to recreate when you came to visit and failed). It looks beautiful though! You should be very proud :)

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