Office Interior Inspiration

Doesn’t everyone have at least one room in their home that you just want to keep the door shut when guests come over? We do.  It’s the office. It’s the only room in the house that has remained untouched. Filled up, but untouched. Don’t worry, I’ll post pics of the monstrosity.

Justin is starting school in three days and I’m separated from all my crafting stuff {it’s still at my parents house}. Sigh. I feel lost without a roll of ribbon, a tube of paint and some fun papers.  Anyways, we want to finally get started on what will be a multi functional workspace before he gets back to the books. For Jus it will be a workspace. For me a fun space! :)  I thought I would share some inspiration I’ve found when thinking about an office re-do.

I love the color of the built-ins, the bold stripes, the overhead light and that massive memo board!

I think in this photo I was mainly attracted to the color of the room. We painted the office a light almond-y color when Jus moved in and that is going to stay the same. But what a cute way to store wrapping paper and I love the vintage pastry basket used to store small crafting stuff.

In this photo I love the windows and the side-by-side work spaces. We won’t be having that but I still think its neat. And that painted hardwood. Mmm.

How about that amazing light fixture! I’m extremely attracted to the collection of colors in this room.  I love the light blue of the the soft chairs and the desk chair. Paired with those golden pillows and coral nesting tables, I may or may not be drooling.

Okay, back to reality.

We do have a few Benjamin’s to spare from wedding money, so we are heading up to the ever-glorious, ever-exhausting IKEA this weekend to make some office things happen.

We already have these tan drapes to hang in the office from a previous trip to Ikea.

We’re going up there with three major pieces in mind.

I know what you’re thinkin’.  You’re thinking it doesn’t look like were working on an office. Where’s the desk, right?

Justin has a desk that we are going to use.  It’s a light wood.  He also has a huge black rolling desk chair. It doesn’t fit under the desk and it doesn’t roll because it’s on carpet.  However, we found a new chair for him to use at Goodwill for just $5.74!  It’s a very sturdy wooden dining chair.  I’ll be painting the desk and chair and recovering the chair cushion. I haven’t decided on paint, whether to use a fun color or just go with whitish.  We will see.

All of our major pieces are very basic and leave tons of room to be creative with accessories and colors.

Here are some accessories, I’ve been playing around in my head with.

This two-tone blue pillow is from an Etsy shop.  I think this is beautiful and it would go great with my freshman-year-college-dorm-room-twin-down-comforter I’ve been hanging onto tightly in hopes I would get to use it again.  I can see me now snuggled up in my big comfy chair under my big comfy blanket with Tori Spelling’s next book.  : ) I’m planning on sewing, not buying a pillow though.  Cute, good pillows can be expensive.  This one sells for 55 beans. I can also get a coordinating fabric for the desk chair cushion.

I also have a brushed silver floor lamp I’m going to put by the chair for some more task oriented lighting.  It needs a new shade. It would be a real gutsy move for me to get a shade like this but I really like it. I’ll check it out at IKEA tomorrow.

Justin got a map of Antigua on our honeymoon that were going to frame and we also each have one of those family name history things that I want to frame. Not sure of frame colors to use. All white? All brown? All mix and match? Possibilities are endless.

Wish us luck as we make our journey up North tomorrow!  I think IKEA is like Disneyland for adults but Jus would rather stand in a hot, sweaty line that led to nowhere than go there.  I’ll buy him a hot dog when we get up there to get him on board…

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