Honeymoon in Antigua

So, please forgive me for not posting in like forever in blogosphere standards.  I had intentions of blogging as soon as the honeymoon was over, but truth be told, the honeymoon is still going on.  I can’t seem to pull myself away from my new little family long enough to sort pics and write some things. It is soo much fun coming home after work to the man I love, whose playing with the puppy I love, in the house that I love.

But to give the fans what they want, here are a few pics from our honeymoon in Antigua {or Antiga to the locals!}

This was the beginning of a very long travel day. We left Sunday morning after our Saturday night wedding. We were soo tired but more excited than anything. We may have been traveling all day but I was too relieved that the wedding was over to care.

The most amazing room was awaiting our arrival. The bathroom was our favorite part..It had a rain shower! And, because we were on the first floor we were also able to enjoy this covered patio with a great view of the main pool, the beach and a really yummy smelling {and tasting} outdoor pizza place.

The resort was all-inclusive. Meaning, we didn’t have to get out our money one time when we were down there. This also meant that we ate,

and ate,

and ate,

…to our hearts content. {Actually, we ate beyond our hearts content} But considering it was all paid for, we indulged. There were 9 different restaurants that we could eat at and we were able to try them all.  The food was awesome and we both agreed that the OK Corral, {which we made fun of before we got there} was probably the best food we had ever eaten.  Fajitas and steak and the best guacamole. YUM.

While we were down there, we snorkeled! It was my first time snorkeling and for some reason it never occured to me until we had set sail that we would be in the MIDDLE of the ocean.  Not by the shore. IN THE MIDDLE. Where the sharks are! But I did it and was really proud of myself. I think I was too busy looking for sharks to look at the camera.

I was given a brand new pair of fins to use and you can see my excitement at not having to put used ones on with others’ crusty crust feet residue.

One day we were taken off the resort to zip line which was a first for both of us. We weren’t allowed to bring cameras on the course so this is the best we could do.

There were nine different lines and then a challenge course at the end. I was only afraid on the first line but after that I was fearless and that felt really good. There were so many spiritual parallels during this experience. Conquering fear by trusting, a feeling of freedom, being attached to a line at all time reminds me of how God never lets go. It was such a fun experience and I’m so glad I got to share it with Justin.

And then of course there was lots of this. The sand and water were just beautiful.

While on the beach I was swept away into the crazy and bizarre world of Tori Spelling with all her Reiki and Voodoo practices.  She has a true heart for family and life but is very confused.  She needs Jesus to put her trust in and I pray for her sometimes.

Justin’s head was buried in these two all week.  He loved Racing in the Rain and can’t wait to finish Confederacy. It was a real luxury for each of us to be able to read for fun.

After 8 days of beach and food, adventures, fun and mosquito bites we prepared for our journey back to Kentucky and a full day worth of layovers.  We spent 9 {!} hours in the San Juan airport but were saved by the bell {or gelato}  : )

We had such a wonderful time in Antigua and it was the perfect way to start our marriage but when it was time to leave we were happy to get back home. Back to normalcy, our friends and families. Back to Gracie and feeling hungry again. Back to our lives, but this time they are together and that is a blessing.

More posts to come about what all we have been up to since we have arrived back to reality!

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