Wedding Week

So this is the start of wedding week!  I have no idea whether to expect total craziness with lots of nerves or mostly relaxation because all of the planning is finished.  Justin and I are hoping to get to relax a bit by seeing Toy Story 3 one day this week. I hope we can fit that in between all the packing, moving and socializing we will be doing!

I just thought I would share some elements we have picked out that give a good feel for our wedding.

I probably wont have time to post anymore this week and of course wont be posting on our honeymoon so it looks like I will be seeing you back here after July 19 when the ventures of newly wedded-ness begin! See you then! : )

3 thoughts on “Wedding Week

  1. ahhhh yayy!!! i cannot even imagine how excited you are…i’m pumped and it’s not even my wedding. see you friday baby boo! love youuu :)

  2. girl, i’m really messing with your “visitor counter” today because i swear i’ve checked a million times looking for a honeymoon update. you act like you’ve got more fun things to do as a newlywed than update your blog ;)

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