Wonderful Wednesday: Polarized Sunglasses

I should really call this post “Can’t live without these Wednesday”.  I really feel like I’m going to die am almost blind without my sunglasses.  No these aren’t just any sunglasses.  They’re polarized. I’ve always wasted money on cheap shades that I would lose or break and that never really even worked.  I mean really, what’s the point of sunglasses if your still squinting?

Not with these babys…

I may have dropped a decent amount of dough on these but I might dare to argue that it was the best money I have ever spent. I’ve managed to keep these for over two years now and literally cannot go outside without them.  I wear them in rain and snow, overcast and sunny. All. The. Time. It’s probably a bad thing but my eyes are super dependent on them because they have to do absolutely no work when I wear them. You can read about how polarized sunglasses work here.

So today I’m celebrating the wonderfulness of polarized sunglasses. Cheers to the creators because they are a life saver.

In other four-eyed news, I officially have reading glasses now.  I was checked a week ago after eye pain and discomfort after long periods of time at work and it was confirmed that I needed glasses to read and for computer work.

There was a really cute pair of plastic frames that I wanted but I settled on these wine-colored metal frames because a lot more adjustments could me made to customize the fit {i.e. I’m fortunate to have long eyelashes but they hit the front of glasses. Super annoying.  With these metal frames that could be changed with an adjustment to the nose piece. Not with the cuter plastic ones} I feel super self-conscious with them now. Like I have a tattoo on my face that people are staring at.  I know that’s not true and many people haven’t even noticed them. Hopefully I’ll get over it.

My eyes were dialated for almost five hours on Friday night after my initial eye appointment.  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I moaned and groaned about the annoying discomfort of not being able to see {even though it was temporary}. I was so frustrated and irritated that I couldn’t see or read anything up close I decided to take Gracie for a walk. I could at least make out the general outline of the sidewalk.

Towards the end of the walk we passed an old couple, one in a motorized wheel chair and the other with two poles for helping her walk. She was blind. The blind woman was exclaiming about what a great walk they were having.  How it was so enjoyable and such a nice place to be. It was like cold water being splashed on my face. How could I be so selfish to complain about some temporary eye discomfort when this woman could see nothing?

I thanked the Lord for my eyesight and asked for forgiveness for sitting in my seething self-pity. I am blessed in a way that woman is not. I am grateful today for my minor eye problem. I can see my family and friends, the beautiful outdoors, Gracie and precious babies.  I can read and I can appreciate beautiful surroundings and things.

My sight finally came back to normal and I was so grateful. I hope I never forget what I learned in those prior hours of “blindness”.

Anyways, Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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