Interior Inspiration: Antigua

So, One month from today this is where we will be unloading our bags and kicking up our feet for the following 9 days. It’s a Grande Luxe St. Tropez Oceanview Suite at Sandals in Antigua. Yep, I think this will be acceptable as inspiration for me today. We are so looking forward to the wedding planning to be through and to be on the plane headed South.

Happy Weekend! As for me, I am going to try to get much done tonight and tomorrow so I can take the day off on Sunday.  After contemplating Sabbath rest for several weeks now there is absolutely no better time than a month before a wedding to take the time to rest, refocus and let the Lord fill me up again for the week. I hope you have the opportunity to so the same.

One thought on “Interior Inspiration: Antigua

  1. That room is beautiful. i want to go! I can soo feel your excitement/pain in the wedding planning stuff. We almost have the same anniversary! We got married on July 15th four years ago and I still remember how exhausted we were by the end. I was just talking to my mom this weekend and told her that I loved my wedding and all that went with it and I enjoyed it, but I’m glad I’ll never have to do it again:) It’s one of those things. When you walk into that beautiful resort you will breathe a huge sigh of relief! Enjoy the honeymoon! (That is the one part I wish I could do again every year!)

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