Reveal: Laundry Love

So you all may remember my post here about needing to do some work with the laundry room and freshen up the space a bit. If you’ll remember it started out a little something like this… White, icky and dirty feeling.

Well, with a little TLC we now have something a little more lovely…

I added some paint, a second shelf and some canvas bins for some concealed storage. The shelf we added was a bit longer than the bottom one so we now have some room for hanging.  I just had to add the shelf onto the existing bracket so it was all a pretty easy fix.

I know the artwork is a bit unnecessary but it adds some spunk to the room.

The “Life is Good” sign came from Home Goods and the dark wood frame came from the Dollar Tree {it has Martha’s Stain Remover guide in it}. The other three frames came from Goodwill for 75cents a piece.  They were wooden but I painted them white and distressed them to coordinate better with the other sign.  The art work is just some old laundry images I printed from the internet and converted to black and white and then mounted on some burlap I already had.

And remember all the cleaning stuff that was in our “pantry”? I’ll remind you..

…well, now it is all nicely concealed in here!

It slides in and out between the washer and dryer like a charm!

What do you all think of the new upgrade?  Do you think it was a waste of time and money spent or are you inspired?

2 thoughts on “Reveal: Laundry Love

  1. I’m inspired! You did an awesome job with such a small space! You want to come work on my laundry closet now? :) I love the extra little touches and frames. So cute and functional!

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