Our Little Graduate & Other Stuff..

Yep, its official.  Gracie Jane Price is a graduate from the Pet Smart Puppy Education class.  After 8 weeks of grueling work and practice of sitting, laying, coming when called, shaking, high-fiving, leash training and overcoming bad behaviors, Gracie passed the puppy class with flying colors.  She may have been the class clown, and flirted with Sam the boxer a little too much but she’s a star.

We were so proud of her we got her a cookie from Bluegrass Barkery.

Okay, okay, we may have gone a little overboard with the cookie but it was really fun to celebrate a “graduation” even if she didn’t even know what was going on.  We love her.

In other news, we have been super busy with wedding stuff and doing other fun projects around the house.  I have a lot of photos to share of projects and improvements we have been working on.

We’re just a few hours short of being a month away from the wedding so posting may be a bit sporatic in the next few weeks.

We have also added this baby to the family.

We were able to buy it with the truck load of Wal-Mart gift cards we got at our shower in London. It’s a Weber Spirit e-310. We also added these on for good measure..

I have been saving up a recipe from Rachael Ray magazine for this which you cook on a grill…

It’s grilled creamed corn.  It looks amazing and I’ve even gotten a cast iron skillet as a gift!  I will be trying this out ASAP…Well as soon as Justin can get the grill put together.  : )

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