Wonderful Wednesday: Etsy

If you haven’t been to etsy.com you should go.  It’s awesome. It’s basically a market place for handmade, vintage and unique items from sellers in all parts of the world. They have jewelry, all kinds of art, home furnishings, clothing and the list goes on and on.

Here are some things I’m currently digging from Etsy and using as inspiration for my own DIY’ing.  I guess it looks like I am not totally in support of Etsy if I don’t actually buy from it, I just use it as inspiration! Oops.. But hey, I am trying to encourage a couple of girls to do the dirty work of opening up a store with the hopes of slipping a few things in… That would be you Kristi and Em.  : )

Adorable burlap shades.

I’m going to try to make this table runner.  It’s navy ticking stripe with a burlap ruffle! Never done a ruffle before…

This coat hanger is just a plank of distressed bead board.  Would be adorable in an entry way or even a guest bath!

I am loving these adorable milk bottle bud vases.  I can just see a couple white tulips in there now…

Screen printed seahorses on dictionary paper.  The paper adds so much more interest to the image.

Vinyl decals to address your house. {My mind is turning over ways and places to recreate this look with paint.}

More ticking stripe.  I love ticking stripe in tan.  It’s much more natural and a lot less country looking.

And yes, more burlap.  It’s a small lavender sachet wrapped in yellow raffia.  Would be great as a gift and is perfect for drawers and closets to keep things smelling fresh.

If you’re not inspired yet, get on over to Etsy and get your wheels-a-turnin!


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