Interior Inspiration: Beautifully Blue

I love this bathroom for many reasons. Three of which.

1. It’s blue.

2. It has bead board.

3. It’s slightly beachy, but not over the top..

I’ve been playing around with the idea of putting bead board somewhere in the house.  I landed on the bathroom, because it would be a small enough space and lesser of a commitment.  And whats easier that actual wooden boards? Wallpaper! Yes, there is bead board wall paper and because of this discovery I’m willing to give it a shot.

The wooden key, towel rack and basket brimming with towels add enough warmth and texture to keep the space from being too sterile. A bathroom redo is next on my list but we just need to figure out how to conquer an 8’x4′ mirror…

Still working on laundry room but it’s almost complete.  Now it’s off to a bridal shower in London this weekend.

Have a happy work-week break!


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