Not Your Mom’s Recycling Bin

After growing up in a “Recycling Home” I developed a sense of “guilt” when I went away to college and started trashing everything. But now that I’m out of that wild-and-crazy-recycling-rebellion-phase and am about to have a house of my own, I need to get my act in gear and get back on the track.

We’ve never had a recycling company pick up the recycling so I’ve always watched my Mom faithfully load up the trunk with the makeshift recycling bulky crates and head out to get rid of the goods. Nothing about the process seemed fun, fast or fruitful so I’ve never carried on the habit.

Well I’ve caught the “green” bug, well maybe just a tiny green ant, but it still counts.  I want to get back to doing my part, starting with recycling. In my quest to find a DIY recycling bin idea to help manage and the plastic and paper clutter, I ran across these not-so-DIY bags.  Yes, I probably could have made something just as easily but I couldn’t resist the cool colors and graphics on these bags.

The most attractive part to me about this whole get-up was that it was soft. And it had handles. No, this isn’t your Mom’s recycling bin. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s as on the go as you are. And I bought them for only $16 here.

But, until they get here, I guess I’ll continue to keep it trashy…

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