Today I am thankful

1. for promises my Father made to me. That I have 66 books to show me his promises and loving character.

2. that our wedding is only 53 days away.

3. for providential relationships in my life. The people who come in and out and I know they were put there by God to change me.

4. that God has carried me through the toughest season of my life.

5. that I put fear aside and accepted to opportunity to get a dog. I believe the Lord is using Gracie to give me a fresh perspective on life.

One thought on “Thankful

  1. You will not believe this but we (amy and I) were just talking the other day about how wild we thought it was you got a dog!! I did NOT see that coming, but good for you. I’m sure you’ll learn something and seem to be enjoying your new addition :) I’m excited for your wedding!! See you there…finally…

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