A Little Goes a Long Way

One of my favorite places to peruse fabrics for projects and crafts is the clearance upholstery section at Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics.  You have to dig and dig but they have absolutely the BEST selection of leftover remnants.  Since they are for upholstery, they are sturdy and generally expensive feeling and high quality.

A couple months back I was looking for some fabric to cover two small benches to put at the end of our bed. {It’s so much fun decorating and experimenting in a house I don’t live in yet because I don’t have to look at the clutter!… Sorry Jus :) }  Anyways, I ran across a super sturdy grassy woven type fabric and it was just perfect.  It had great texture. And it was just $6 a yard.  Normally fabrics like this can start at $14 and go up.  I snagged a couple of yards and covered these…

And made them into these…

The benches were some my mom had but didn’t use anymore…So technically I got them for free!

I had some leftover fabric, some botanical fern prints I got at an antique booth for $5 a piece and some $6 frames from Garden Ridge.

So with a little thinking…

And measuring…{with the help of Justin’s tape measure and his keenly perfectionistic eye}

And planning…

We now have some bedroom art!

A little bit of fabric went a long way {and I still have a bit more!} Fabric is one of my absolute favorite things to use for decorating.  It’s super versatile and generally inexpensive if you shop around.

2 thoughts on “A Little Goes a Long Way

  1. Your bedroom looks great! Love your craft projects! I love the discount racks at Hancock too! You can find the best stuff there:) Love your frames!

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