A Little Laundry Love

This weekend I want to start my home organizing extravaganza! Starting with pantry/laundry tiny closet room.  Here’s what we’re working with…

Laundry Closet

Laundry Closet

Future kitchen pantry, Current cleaning storage

My goal is to get the laundry looking more like this…

Okay, okay.  I know I can’t actually get close to this laundry room because of my starting point but I did draw inspiration from here. It’s light, it’s open and it’s airy.

Here are some items I have chosen/hope to find to help me get this laundry room over-haul underway.

An Olympic, No VOC semi-gloss in “Ocean Breeze”  should brighten things up a bit.

One of these handy little carts will just fit between the washer and dryer.  I hope to get all the household cleaning supplies from the pantry into this.  I got the one on the bottom which is from Lowes.

From the picture of our laundry you can see we have an existing wire shelf.  Since there are brackets already there I am going to get another shelf to put higher up and move the existing one lower down on the bracket.  By adding another shelf there is nowhere to hang clothes so we’ll need to get a clothes line. This will work well because we can just pull it out when we need it but leave the shelving exposed the majority of the time.  This one is from Lowes but I found one at Walmart for cheaper. It didn’t look as sturdy as this one so I will just have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to splurge.

For the shelving above the washer and dryer I would love to get some of these storage bins and chests from Walmart.  I plan on storing extra towels and bed linens in these.

On the highest shelf, I plan on storing bulk items like paper towels and toilet paper.

We also keep Gracie’s grooming supplies in the laundry room because its right next to the bathroom where we groom her. One of these plastic caddy’s will be great for transporting things and can be easily cleaned and can get wet!

These plastic canisters will be great to sit on the dryer to keep clothes pins and other small accessories in.  They are stylish and wont be breakable around all the hard surfaces.

This may be totally unnecessary but our light pull is now a nasty string.  I want to get a longer chain with a cute little crystal pull.  It will be easier to grip and be cuter than the grosty string.

And last but definitely not least Martha’s Stain Remover Guide will be easily visible in case of emergency!

Upon completing the new laundry room, I’ll have an empty pantry to work with! Hooray!


2 thoughts on “A Little Laundry Love

  1. I love all of those great ideas! I’m sure it will be cute and useful when you are finished! A couple years ago I was sick of my little drying rack I had from college and I found a wall rack from Pottery Barn on clearance. I love it. I air dry all of my clothes!! I actually have it in the closet of my guest room so I can open it up when stuff is drying and shut it when I’m finished with it and guests can use the closet! I don’t think PB still has it, but Ballard’s has something kind of similar that might work for you… http://www.ballarddesigns.com/jump.jsp?itemType=PRODUCT&itemID=11022&fromNewSearch=true&mercadoResultId=6

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