A Weekend Outdoors..

So, Saturday after I had a bridal shower {which was so fun!} I headed down to London with Justin’s mom, aunt and grandmother.  Jus and Gracie were already down there hanging out and having fun.  This was Gracie’s longest road trip with us and she did great.

We wanted to take her trail walking for the first time since she has her new Gentle Leader.  It helps her to stop tugging on the leash.  Anyways, she did such a good job that we were able to let her totally off the leash for most of the trail.  Here we are on our way to Levi Jackson park.

This was towards the beginning of the trail while she is still looking precious and chipper. The trail was a little over a mile long which was her longest walking distance yet.  She was totally exhausted for the rest of the day when we got back.

She would get about 20 or 30 yards in front of us then stop and wait for us.  She was awesome and we can’t wait for her to experience more of the great outdoors.

Some friends we met out there said they would get a picture for us.  Our first little family pic : )

Okay, so this picture below was going to be a hilarious video of her jumping through the weeds but apparently I can’t post video without the $60 upgrade.  Not cool.

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