Variety Show

I really want to have more time to post things.  To write and post.  But I’m struggling to find the time.  So I will cram some randomness into this post.

You may not remember but last week I was supposed to have a Mary Kay lady come over and give me the rundown of some products and help me try some out.  I thought it was going to be awkward and I wouldn’t be interested at all because I’ve been pretty hooked on my Bare Escentuals for about 3 years now.  Well she came. And I loved it.  Not so much the make up but this:

3 in 1 Cleanser

and this

Microdermabrasion Set

and this

Pomegranate Cheek Glaze

When she was there I ordered the 3 in 1 Cleanser and Moisturizer and the Microderm Set. I wanted the glaze but I couldn’t justify it at the time.  She of course put me a sample in with my order, I used that all up and decided I needed to order it.  It looks soo bright but goes on really sheer. When I called to order the glaze I asked about travel sizes of the cleanser and moisturizer.  She said they didn’t have that but they had this:

Trial Sizes

It’s “trial sizes” of the products I wanted but with a couple other products in a set.  I ordered that too because she said I had a 50% off an item with my first reorder. Now I can have a clean face for the couple of loooong honeymoon traveling days we are going to be having. It’s small enough to carry on the plane!

So, In my review of my Mary Kay experience. It was good. I’m really pumped that I have found a group of facial care products that I like and am informed about how they work and what they do.  She delivered my reorder products to my door within 24 hours. Cool.

In other news, I have been working off my hiney on wedding things. Crafting wedding things I should say.  None of these things are what I have actually made, just my inspiration.  I’ve almost got all these things completed.

I made Kissing balls for my flower girls to carry.  I was originally going to order them from Etsy, but decided I could make them. So I did. It might have been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever made.

Then, I made a guest book and pen holder, a wreath and then boxed up 200 favors.

I folded 200 reception cards and 200 response cards.  Justin and his guy’s suits should be shipping today, we found ties (finally!) and I’ve updated our registries. The bulk of the work now is going to be following up with all the vendors to make final arrangements.  That would be the photographer, DJ, reception site/caterer, florist, rehearsal dinner site and the cake place.  It’s Caramandas.  And it’s awesome.

I’m also having a shower this Saturday! I’m so excited to get together with family and friends, for everyone to meet and for us girls to just be girls.

Besides the fact that I will finally be with Jus, the biggest thing that I am looking forward to is this…

Hopefully I’ll get back to you all soon!

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