Grace and stuff…

I would describe my life right now as an awkward limbo. I’m on the brink of change and it’s coming from all directions.  I know this is just a season of life but it’s exhausting– especially for one who seeks comfort in normalcy. Getting married is probably the biggest change that one may ever face and I am becoming impatient. Where one may be nervous about the wedding and all the details, it’s the change that scares me. I’m tired of waiting for the big change to happen. Tired of waiting for the unknown to finally become known.

My comfort now though is in what I do know. I know that the Lord never gives grace before it’s needed and He is always right on time. So for now, I’ll wait. I’ll wait for the change. I’ll wait on the Lord’s grace that will cover me in my married life. I know it’s coming because I know that Justin won’t be the only one that is waiting for me at the altar.  My Savior will be there.  Ready to wrap his arms around me, kiss my forehead, cover me in his grace, and tell me that I’ll be okay. He will remind me that I cannot do marriage on my own, with my own strength, but that he is ready to pick up the burden for me. And then, I will sigh and rest and know that His grace and love will permeate our marriage and that with Him I can handle change. Even BIG changes.

But for now I’ll wait. And I’ll rest in the grace I have for today.

“Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with incorruptible love. Amen.” {Ephesians 6:24}

In other news, I got a new notebook this weekend.  I had been using the same notebook for personal journaling and studying as for work notes. I decided that I needed to separate the two so I got new work notebooks {from Target}!  I got a three pack of the geometric pattern that’s in the front.  It came with green, blue and orange! I’m not sure why the green looks so bright…

Also, Gracie boo-boo {that’s my nickname I gave her : ) } is starting puppy class tomorrow to learn how to be a good pup, wedding plans are still running full force, and tomorrow night I am having a Mary Kay consultant come to my house for a “makeover” and to sell me stuff.  I won this “opportunity” at a bridal show and basically couldn’t get out of it. It’s going to be awkward. And I have a negative perception of the Mary Kay brand so maybe she’ll change my mind. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Have a happy Monday and stop chasing grace.  Rest in it. : )

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