Wedding Whirlwind

So.  It’s been awhile since I have been here.  I didn’t intend to be gone for so long from the blogging world, it just happened that way, but the wedding whirlwind is finally catching up to me

I have been fighting hard to keep wedding planning from taking over my thoughts and my life. To never once let the thought of the wedding take precedence over the thought of the marriage and the commitment I would be making. I absolutely hate what our culture has done to the meaning of the marriage ceremony and in turn what that has done to the meaning of marriage. It’s all been robbed of it’s meaning and turned into a consumeristic, keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ kind of game. I hate it. And I feel sorry for those people who forget what they are actually having the wedding for. That the wedding is the beginning of a marriage not the end of the party planning.

However in all my efforts to save my sanity, over the past week the race against time reared its head and I was set into motion. I think I lost some of my mind and probably some hair.  With now slightly less than three months to go there seems like so much is left to do.  Last week we booked a DJ, a rehearsal dinner site, got envelopes to the calligrapher, ordered (Three!) different ties to see which we liked the best, updated our registry, made invitation list for a shower, searched for gifts for wedding party and other things all while trying to maintain a sane relationship with each other and our families. The weekend is gone now and I feel like I didn’t relax one bit. That makes me angry. And sad. And sorry to the Lord for not using the time he gave me to rest and recharge myself for a week of working for the Kingdom.

I am going to put my breaks back on and try to make time for relaxing and spending more time in the Word.  I need to hear from the Lord. I need His help and His peace to get me through these next couple of months. To remind me of His love for me. To remind me of His protection from the enemy, from time and from the demands of others that he will provide for Justin and I if we seek it.

I want to get back to doing other things so I can blog about other things. Thank you for your support and prayers during this crazy time.  We know it will be worth it in the end! Now I know why people go on a honeymoon.

{photo courtesy of Bridal Party Tees.}

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