Interior Inspiration: Numeric Outdoor Nook

I know, I know…This isn’t inside but I just couldn’t bear to feature something indoors when my heart is totally outdoors this week. The weather is warming up so Justin and I are going to get out this weekend and give the house a little curb appeal. There are several things in the front that need to change and many, many things in the back that need to go.  You would die if you saw the back patio.  It looks like I made it. Blindfolded. It’s a serious accident waiting to happen. And now that we have the pup and are spending much more time back there, we are going to need to do a little work. It’s a large feat for two who don’t know much about flowers, shrubs and landscaping, etc, etc, but we’re soo ready to get our hands dirty and dig in.

I’ve been looking for inspiration for the great front porch to make it a little cozier and more enjoyable.  The previous owner said that all the court does in the summer is sit out front, get in each other’s business and eat popsicles.  I don’t think were down with the snooping part but we would sure love to have a place for people to gather for popsicles. There is a lot of activity on the court and we already love sitting out there in the rockers that Andrew got us!  {Thanks Andrew!} The porch and landscaping just need a little more oomph.

I ran across this is my search for outdoor ideas. What do you all think about this graphic pair of pillows? I haven’t decided if I like them or not. Maybe if they were different colors, more subtle with tan and white.  I do loove the galvanized planters here.  I am sure they are much cheaper than the concrete urns I have been looking at. This porch is a mystery to me– I would love to see where the location of this is on the house. Maybe its a side entrance?

What do you all think about this outdoor space?  Do you have any outdoor projects planned for this weekend? Wish us luck because things could get interesting {and messy!} with Gracie-girl frolicking about.

Have a great Easter weekend and I hope you will find time to reflect on what the Savior did for us! : )

One thought on “Interior Inspiration: Numeric Outdoor Nook

  1. I love the look of that space! It looks cozy and artsy at the same time. When we move into our new house, I will need some good ideas for front and back porches. I’m not good with planting stuff, but I think I will need to be! I love those flower pots just hanging out around the seating area.

    How fun that we’ll be neighbors! You’ll have to tell me where you all live! BTW, do you know why I can’t get your blog to update my reader automatically?

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