Wonderful Wednesday: Blueberry Muffins


Okay, So I didn’t like blueberries until like a week ago.  My mom bought a huge bag of frozen ones at Sam’s Club on the cheap and I started eating them, still frozen…Mmm. They are awesome for snacking and are considered a Superfood! My only problem is that they are soo messy…I know that sounds weird, but they are.  They leave a mark where ever they’ve been.

Anyways, I’d been wanting to make homemade muffins {I usually just make them from a package} and with my new found hope in blueberries I decided to go for it.  I found the recipe here! I’m a bad blogger and didn’t take pics but you can probably guess what the process looked like.

I think I might make some for brunch with my family on Easter {I’m also thinking about Bran Muffins}. However, I want to try and make a quiche too, but maybe that will be too much for this one trick pony. We’ll see!  You may want to check out this fun and meaningful Easter recipe for “Resurrection Cookies“. It’s great for kid’s to learn about the true meaning of Easter! How cute!

How are you all preparing for and celebrating Easter this year?

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