More than puppy love.

It’s official.  Justin and I are in love.  Yes, with each other.  But now with a 20 lb. funny, floppy, precious ball of panting fur. Yesterday, Gracie came into our lives and into our hearts.

Justin has wanted a Goldendoodle for more than a half a decade and I have always thought they were adorable.  So last week when we were contacted by Justin’s friend, Brett, that his mom was going to sell their 3 month old puppy. We thought about it, discussed it, and decided to meet her.  Cathy brought her over to visit yesterday afternoon and it was love at first sight.

She stayed for about thirty minutes and then Cathy took her away. When she left my heart was racing. I’ve never had a dog before and Jus has always had outdoor dogs so a wave of fear rushed over me. What if were not good at it? What if I can’t love her? What if? What it? What if? Fear is my worst enemy especially fears of things unknown. But I am learning to overcome so I caved and agreed. Before I could change my mind we were at Pet Smart on a shopping spree, buying grooming stuff, a crate, leashes, collars, toys and treats for our new baby who would arrive later. I have never wanted something or someone to love me more. I was crazy to think she wouldn’t. She is full of love.

After eating a pre-occupied dinner together, we called Cathy to bring over our precious pup. What a fun night!  We played, learned to “Sit!”, went potty outside {every time!}, ate, ran around the back yard, lounged on the couch, got a new bone, played with friends and family, and learned a new name all while remaining ridiculously cute.

Enjoy these pics of our precious Gracie, I’m sure there will be more to come!

Gracie and her new pink pelican baby.

Hangin’ in the back yard.

Learning to sit.

Resting after a fun day at my new home!

Have a happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “More than puppy love.

  1. What a little cutie!!! I love goldendoodles! They are so adorable AND they don’t shed! :) We have a maltipoo and he looks a lot like your dog, but a whole lot smaller:) Have fun being a mommy! It’s the best feeling to come home to someone excited to see you every single day!

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