Interior Inspiration: Tailored

I’m a sucker for copper. For some reason, copper just amps up and ads warmth to any space. That copper range hood is awesome and paired with those dark barstools adds just the right amount of warmth and comfort to this open and bright space which is what first drew me here in the first place. Actually it was that recipe book cubby over the microwave.  Im going to try to figure out how to work one of those into our kitchen. But I guess that means I actually should learn how to cook. Maybe some cook books in a cute cubby will be motivation.  But, more than likely it will be a hungry husband.  : )

Anyways, It’s perfectly tailored and perfectly open. What a cool wood ceiling and even cooler lights. They remind me of surgery lamps with a nautical look. And those roman shades really add to the room’s clean feel.  It’s only fitting that there’s a Burberry throw in here. Who’s diggin’ this beautifully symmetrical space besides me?  Could you cook here?Hope you guys have a great weekend! Anybody got fun plans?!


2 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Tailored

  1. I like this kitchen a lot also, mostly for a lot of the same reasons you do. The refrigerator looks HUGE, I really like that. I would also have double ovens. I love to cook and this kitchen looks like it would be fun to cook in!!!!

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