Wonderful Wednesday: Pancakes


I should have titled it “Syrupy Pancakes”.  I’m going to eat syrupy pancakes with really crispy bacon every morning when I get to heaven. Maybe every meal..I will never get tired of them {not that I do now} and I will especially never get full from them. They will also not have any calories and I can have as much syrup as I want. Only in Heaven..

I have curbed my addiction but not the cravings. I’m trying to be more in control and more responsible by eating oatmeal and toast in the morning.  My body hates me though and I want to eat everything in sight by 10 a.m.  This past weekend I did treat myself to some pancakes at a restaurant in Pigeon Forge. Just with butter and syrup. I want to like fruit toppings more but I can’t get past the sugary goodness of syrup. Maybe when I grow up..

What do you all like on your pancakes?  Do you even like pancakes or did I just knock your favorite breakfast of oatmeal and toast?

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