Rock Skipping Kind of Weekend

Last weekend was Justin’s spring break so we decided to close off the week by taking a trip down to London to hang out with his family.  I hadn’t been down there since Christmas time and he’s not expecting to go back home for quite some time so I took Friday off and we headed South for the weekend.

Mammaw and Pappaw Price were at the house waiting for us when we got there to have dinner and watch the game. And Friday, early Friday, Justin and I headed further South to Pigeon Forge to shop at the outlets. But first, we had to make a very {very} important stop.

‘Pa’s Pancakes’ were calling my name here at the Apple Barn. If you’re wanting to eat, and eat big, you’ll want to go there. Mmm. Then we walked it all off at the outlets and a couple of awesome antique stores and headed back home. His parents and family and friends over for a Bible study that night.  They’ve been doing it on Friday night’s and are studying the book of Acts. It was really cool to get to spend the night in fellowship with people I wouldn’t normally get to and to also see my future family talking about and praying to the Lord.

Hello Saturday morning and sitting on the back porch eating breakfast with Jus and soaking up the sun.  Then it was off to hang out with his aunt Nancy, eat chili dogs at the local favorite, Weaver’s Hot Dogs, and play around the pond. This is what behind Justin’s parents house looks like!  Isn’t it beautiful?! It’s so nice to get away to {what seems anyway} a much simpler place.

Justin skipped rocks and I had to learn!  I actually did a few, but I’m embarrassed to say that I had a sore arm the next day. Somebody needs to get some upper body workouts going on. I learned to shoot a gun on that hill right behind me a couple years ago.  I cried because it scared me.  I just watch now.

We rode around in some thing, {I don’t know what it’s called but its like a golf cart that four wheels} the breaks were shot and Justin likes risk taking a little more than I do so I was so thankful when I got “car” sick and he took me back!  Whew!  I don’t know which was closer, me throwing up or the edge of a cliff.

Saturday night was more eating and more basketball. Then Sunday it was off to Pine Hill church.  It’s one of those small and hot churches with country singing and intense country preaching.  Justin’s family doesn’t go there anymore but his grandparents do. I cried a little bit seeing the baptistry my sweet Justin gave his life to Jesus in with he was just a little boy.  I am crying a little bit now. After church it was off to Shiloh’s.  We don’t go to London without eating steaks at Shiloh’s.

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend with Justin.  One like we probably won’t get to have until he is out of school in July but I am blessed to have a man and a family like them.


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